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   What is the definition of Simas.net ?
   What kinds of features available in Simas.net application ?
   How is mechanism of Simas.net transaction ?
   How is the security of Simas.net ?
   How is to register Simas.net ?
   What documents required to be brought by Customer to complete Simas.net Registration ?
   What is meant by free trial ?
   How is to register free trial ?
   How to download Simas.net application ?
   Is it available the procedure to use Simas.net ?
   How if the Customer forget Password and PIN ?
   Is there any other procedure of Simas.net Customer to make transaction ?
   What is the difference of share transaction online with convensional (Reguler) at PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas ?
di PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas ?
   Can Customer make transaction, when internet connection disturbance occurs ?
   Can fund withdrawal directly from Simas.net system ?
   Does PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas provide training for new Customer ?
   Is it necessary the specific setting for Simas.net application ?