.: Equity

PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas in its business as Broker Dealer has obtained a license from BAPEPAM under no. Kep-83/PM/1992 dated 29 February 1992 so that it can make commercial paper transactions such as shares, debentures and its derivates products, both in initial market and secondary market.

This business activity is designated for investors in Capital Market, which can be made directly or through telephone and internet. Other provided facilities, such as competitive transaction charge, flexible period and payment procedure, daily research, margin transaction, etc.

PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas has become one of 20 most active stocks broker and one of 30 stock brokers with the highest transaction value.

With total population of 240 million people, Indonesia has significant growth potential in Capital Market as shown in the increased investors at Indonesian Stock Exchange. Fluctuation at Capital Market may give opportunity for investors to gain profit.

Sectors of consumption, telecommunication, infrastructure and property has been registered in Indonesian Capital Market surely will support the prospect of development of Capital Market itself.

Conditions of politic, social and security in Indonesia is getting stable compared to several past years, so that this has provided a good impact on the increase of share index, although in term of value is not yet balanced to index price which ever been achieved in the past.

PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas optimists that stock trading at Indonesian Capital Market still has promising profit prospect. However, PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas realizes that to keep good reputation and becoming the leading company in the stock trading business is not easy.

PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas gives priority to honesty and the performance in establishing one word, namely "integrity". Good network, the rapid speed to access information and having an accurate knowledge and experience is an absolute requirement in the stock trading services.

.: Produk Equity

1. Regular
  To serve equity stock selling at initial market and to perform activity as equity stock broker in regular market.
 Regular Procedures :
 •  Initial deposit can be in the form of cash or stock minimum equal to Rp.25.000.000,-
 •  Buying transaction cost of 0,25% and Selling of 0,35%.

2. Online Equity Trading
Simas.net is Online Equity Trading facility provided by PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas to carry out share trading via internet. Customer can directly perform share trading without using sales/broker, monitor directly real time share price fluctuation, the current information condition concerning share transaction. Customer who is able to perform this facility has to possess internet network and install Simas.net program on his computer.
  Please download Simas.net program :
  Simas Mobile
This moment there is already Online Equity Trading application via smart phone; Simas Mobile, made by PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas. Via this Simas Mobile Application, customer can make share sale and purchase transaction or to monitor share price anywhere and any time via smart phone so that will no loss opportunity again to get profit. This application is also completed with the current news and also foreign exchange rate.
  Please download Simas Mobile program :
 Simas Mobile Features :
 • News  • Live Trade  • Foreign / Domestic
 • Quota  • Top Stock  • Chart
 • Trading (Buy / Sell)  • Top Broker  • Index & Kurs
  Advantage of Simas Mobile
  Real Time :
Customer can make purchase/sale transaction, monitor portfolio via Simas Mobile application.
  Mobile :
Simas Mobile Application facilitates you to make transaction and to monitor share trading any time and any where.
  Simas.Web Online Equity Trading
  Simas Web is the newest facility of Online Equity Trading made by PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas, namely WEB base REAL TIME trading online business application, in which to use this application the user is not necessary to download application. This Simas Web Online Trading application can be accessed any where and any time.
  Simas Web is only supported by several browsers among others :
  • Google Chrome 13.0 +
  • Safari 5.0 +
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+
  Devices that support application of Simas Web Online Equity Trading are IPAD 4.3, ANDROID 4.4 (Samsung Galaxy Tab), ANDROID, and all other devices (PC / Netbook/ Laptop).
  Simas Web Online Equity Trading features :
- Best Quote
- Top Stock Gainer / Loser dan Top Broker
- Live Trade
- Trading Menu (Buy / Sell Stock)
 Online Equity Trading Procedure :
 •  Initial deposit can be in the form of cash or stock at minimum value of Rp. 500.000,-
 •  Buying transaction cost of 0,15% and selling of 0,25% without minimum cost.

 Account Number of Shares of PT Sinarmas Sekuritas :
 Bank :  Bank CIMB NIAGA, Cabang Bursa Efek Jakarta
 No. Acc :  480-01-00055-00-6
 Acc. Name :  PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas

 Bank :  Bank International Indonesia, KCI Thamrin
 No. Acc :  2-003-01058-7
 Acc. Name :  PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas

 Bank :  Bank Sinarmas, KCI Thamrin
 No. Acc :  000-001-4354
 Acc. Name :  PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas

 Bank :  Bank BCA,Wisma Nusantara Jakarta
 No. Acc :  734-035-7323
 Acc. Name :  PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas

 Bank :  Bank Mandiri, Bursa Efek Jakarta
 No. Acc :  104-00-99000387
 Acc. Name :  PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas