.: Fixed Income

1. PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas actively acting as debenture broker prioritizing the customer interest by giving priority to prudential principles.
2. PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas is very much selective in offering bonds with category of "investment grade" but it is likely to assist customer to get bonds in another category.
3. PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas always prioritizes the solid customers and provide practical and easy transaction settlement.
4. PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas provides service in the form of trading of government bonds or corporate, either at the initial market or secondary market, Medium Term Notes, Floating Rate Notes (FRN) and also transaction of Repurchase Agreement (MTN).
5. PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas make synergy between its division to provide integrated services to customer through offering cross selling product adjusted to the need of customer’s investment.
6. PT.Sinarmas Sekuritas concludes that stabilization of politic and economic constitutes the main key for investor in observing the form of profitable investment in a Country.
"Indonesia constitutes a very potential Country, having a bundent natural resources and constitutes a Country always becomes a choice for an investment.."
7. Together with the reliable professional team, PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas make productive partner for our customer in making a safe and profitable investment.